Internal Audit Section


To be an independent assurance and consulting activity respected for the quality and impact of our work in supporting the Ministry to improve Risk Management, Controls and Governance Processes.


The Mission of the Internal Audit Function is to provide an independent objective assurance and consulting service designed to add value and improve the Ministry’s operations.

Reporting structure

In order to maintain independence and objectivity, the head of internal audit reports functionally to the Chairperson of the Audit Committee and administratively to the Controlling Officer.

The Audit Committee

The Ministry has an audit committee which is composed of five members who are appointed by the Chief Secretary to the Government. These members are non serving civil servants and their appointment is upon meeting specified criteria.

Institutions audited

Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry’s internal audit function are the following:

  • Ministry Headquarters-Treasury
  • The Accountant General’s Department
  • The Department of Economic Planning and Development
  • National Statistical Office(NSO)
  • Sub vented Organizations
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