Ministry of Finance

General Administration & Supports Services Division

Headed by the Principal Secretary (Administration)

To provide general administrative support services to the Ministry.

The Division carries out the following functions:-

  • Management of financial and accounting services;
  • Provision of Human Resource Management and Development Services;
  • Administration of Office Services and Supplies;
  • Provision of information, Communication and Technology Services;
  • Internal Audit.


The division is organised into various sections as follows:-

1. Administrative and General services

The purpose of this section is to provide administrative and office utility services to the ministry.
To achieve the purpose the section carries out the following functions:

  • Provides office services and supplies;
  • Fleet management
  • Procurement, warehousing and distribution of stores and equipment for the Ministry’s needs.

2. Finance and Accounting Section

The section provides financial and accounting services to the ministry.
To achieve this purpose the section carries out the following functions:

  • Provision of revenue accounting services, ORT main accounts, ORT cash office, salaries and staff advances;
  • Provision of development accounting services which include:
    • Preparation and maintenance of accounts ledgers of development projects
    • Receipts and payments of financial transactions of development projects and programmes.

3. Human Resources Management and Development Section
The purpose of the section is “to provide Human Resources for the Ministry”
To achieve this, the section carries out the following functions:-

  • Processing and determining workloads, staffing and grading requirements and appropriate organization structures for the ministry;
  • Planning and development/training of human resources for the ministry;
  • Responsible for the management of personnel records, personal emoluments and recruitment.

4. ICT Section
The purpose of this section is to ensure that all equipment in the Ministry is operating, updating of website so that there should be no complaints when logging in.

To achieve this, the section carries out the following:-

  • Mobilization of resources for updating website;
  • Provide training on basic use of ICT equipment;
  • Maintenance of Software and Hardware

5.    Internal Audit Section

The purpose of this section is to examine and Audit the accounts, stores and personnel records of the Ministry.
To achieve this purpose the section carries out the following functions:

  • Preparation and conducting of internal audit programmes
  • Verification of financial stores and personal records in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act.

This section is an essential management tool for effective control and utilisation of the Ministry’s financial and material resources and assets.




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