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Victor Orison Lungu

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Victor Orison LunguI am an Economist with over twenty (20) years’ experience in Economic Analysis, Policy Analysis, Macroeconomic Modelling, Real Sector Analysis, Strategic Planning, Spatial Development Initiative, Agricultural Economics, Transport Economics, Project Planning and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Techniques, Education Planning and Research/Survey Design and Methodology.

I hold masters degree in Economic Studies obtained from University of Queensland, Australia in 1992 and a Bachelor of Social Science, University of Malawi obtained in 1989. I am currently a Director of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development. I have held the Position of Director of Education Planning in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology from September 2012 to February 2015 providing Policy advice and Formulation on basic, secondary and higher education sub sectors amongst other duties. I have also held the post of Director of Transport Planning in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works amongst providing Policy advice and Formulation on Air, Marine, Railways, Roads Transport and Traffic. Prior to that position, I have worked as a Senior Deputy Chief Economist in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Food Security, heading the Planning Division. I have also been the Head of Planning Services at the Ministry of Water Development and Deputy Chief Economist responsible for Economic Planning (Macroeconomics and Real Sector) at the National Economic Council. I have also served as Special Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Director-General of the National Economic Council.

Individually and in collaboration with others, I have undertaken a number of research and consultancy assignments of national importance in a variety of fields including: Comparative Advantage Studies; Capacity Building of Economic Management Institutions; Real Sector Planning and Analysis; Agricultural Marketing and Pricing; and Macroeconomic Analysis; Transport Economics and Development corridors as part of Spatial Development Initiatives. I was among a group of experts who drafted the SADC Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan; Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper as well as the 1990 Malawi Poverty Situation Analysis and the Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Water Development, Ministry of Transport and Public Works and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. He also took a key position in the early part of the design of the Malawi Agricultural Sector Reform Programme.

While working as an economist in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, and the Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources, I was involved project Planning and Management as well as Sectoral Project Monitoring and Evaluation. I was recently involved in Transport Sector reform Program especially formulating strategies to deal with High transport cost facing the economy of Malawi and review of non- tariff barriers under regional economic communities of SADC and COMESA.  I have also spearheaded corridor initiatives on Nacala, Mtwara, Beira, Dar es salaam and Shire-Zambezi waterway under SADC/COMESA/ECA/NEPAD frameworks. Recently I have been involved in the review of TAZARA on behalf of the Government of Tanzania and Zambia. I have also been involved in the formulation of the Education Sector Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation of various programmes under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and managing the Higher Education, Science and Technology Project.

While serving in various capacities under the board, I have guided several public enterprises to attain their statutory obligations. These include Blantyre Water Board, Export Development Fund, National Electricity Council, Shire Bus lines, Air Malawi, Airport Development Limited, Roads Authority, Paladin Ltd and Public Universities amongst others.


  • Responsible for:
  • Preparation and review of the National Economic Program;
  • Coordination and preparation of annual short to medium term economic and fiscal policy statements and updates;
  • Advise the Minister of Finance and the Secretary to the Treasury on short to medium term economic, fiscal and monetary policies;
  • Monitor and analyse macroeconomic performance especially relating to fiscal and monetary policies;
  • Facilitate regional economic integration initiatives with SADC, COMESA and African Union; and
  • Supervision of the Economic affairs Division.


Econ Affairs Dir Mr Lungu
Mr. Victor Lungu
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