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Mr. G. B Msanyama

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Mr. G. B MsanyamaQUALIFICATIONS            

: Certified Risk Analyst, International Academy of Business Financial Management
: Master of Science in Audit Management and Consultancy, Birmingham City University, UK
: Postgraduate Diploma, Birmingham City University UK
: Postgraduate Certificate, Birmingham City   University UK
: Bachelor of Accountancy, University of Malawi, Polytechnic
: Diploma in Business Studies, University of Malawi Polytechnic
OTHER COURSES             

: Managing Government internal audit,  Afrosaxon Uganda
: Government internal auditor’s course: IMF East Afritac, Nairobi Kenya
: Risk Based IT auditing course, Global Intelligence Network Agency, Johannesburg, South Africa
: Risk Management in Education Sector, African Management Development Centre,        Arusha Tanzania
: Risk Based Internal Auditing Course, IIA Malawi Blantyre
: ERM and Risk Based Internal Auditing, Global Intelligence Network Agency, Johannesburg, South Africa
: Governance, Fraud and Risk Management, Global Intelligence Network Agency, Johannesburg, South Africa
The list is long in conclusion on this one is and so many other courses.


  • Operations of Audit Committees in overnment; Regulatory Framework and Government support to AC work, Ghana; Uganda.
  • How other Countries have strengthened the   work of internal audit, the work of Audit Committees and financial management in Education systems, Uganda
  • Operations of institutionalize risk management approach in education   systems in other countries, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.


  • Before July 2003, all internal auditors were under Accountant General supervised by Heads of Accounting Services. Then, internal audit functions of Ministries of Health and Population and Transport and Public Works were under my control.
  • In January 2004, I became the first Chief Internal Auditor in Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. At the time, we were only two Chief Internal Auditors in Government another one was in Ministry of Education and Culture. This was after six months from when the Internal Audit Common Service had started. In 2009 I was promoted to Controller of Internal Audit Services at P4/E and remained in Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
  • In January 2014, I was promoted to Director of Central Internal Audit Unit at P2/D till todate.



  • Ex-Official Board Member for the Institute of Internal Auditors Malawi.
  • Taskforce member for restructuring the secretariat of Institute of Internal Auditors in Malawi.
  • Chairperson of University of Malawi Council's Audit Committee for two years.
  • As Chairperson of the Audit Committee, I also became Member of Council of University of Malawi.
  • Ex-Official Member of University of Malawi   Council's Audit Committee for three years.
  •  Conflict Resolution Taskforce Member for Mzuzu University.  The conflict that involved students, academic staff and the Vice Chancellor of the University.
  • Taskforce Member for Forestry Conflict Resolution at Zomba Mountain which managed to stop the arson of Zomba plantations.

The list is also long and for purposes of this writeup, let me stop here.

I attended the Global Institute of Internal Auditors' Conference which was in South Africa in 2010 and the African Institutes of Internal Auditors' Conference which was in YOUNDE Cameroon in 2015 where I presided one of the sessions.
Central Internal Audit Unit is a common service that is comprised of the secretariat and thirty four internal audit units in Ministries and Departments.
Big Ministries are headed by Controllers of Internal Audit services whilst smaller units range from Chief to Internal Auditors. Positions in MDAs are established by CIAU in consultation with Controlling Officers and Heads of the Departments. Depending on the size of the MDAs, staff levels range from three to thirty internal audit staff.

Major responsibilities of the secretariat are to:-

  • Facilitate establishment of positions of internal auditors at the secretariat and MDAs.
  • Process recruitment and deployment of internal auditors
  • Train internal auditors in short and long courses professionally and academically to improve competencies.
  • Promote internal auditors through relevant structures.
  • Discipline and punish unprofessional behaviours.
  • Maintaining quality assurance to internal audit work through use of standards and internal audit best practices.
  • Provide coordinating services with relevant stakeholders.
  • Conducting specialized audits and communication of results
  • Facilitating Audit Committee meetings and other services relevant and in tandem with functionality of Audit Committees.
  • Discharging advisory services to Government of Malawi

Internal Audit units in MDAs conduct audit assignments that enable them assure Controlling Officers on the effectiveness and efficiency of internal control systems and any cases of mismanagement of public resources. On need basis, they also provide advisory services to Controlling Officers.
The scope of work for the Internal Audit Service must  be to determine whether the Government’s network of governance, risk management, and control  processes, as designed and represented by management, is adequate and functioning as in a manner to ensure:-

  • Risks are appropriately identified, evaluated and managed;
  • Interaction with the various governance groups occurs as needed;
  • Significant financial, managerial, and operating information is accurate, reliable, and timely;
  • Employees’ and management’s actions are in compliance with policies, procedures, standards and applicable laws and regulations;
  • Resources are acquired economically, used efficiently, adequately safeguarded, and appropriately accounted for;
  • Programmes, plans, and objectives are achieved;
  • Quality and continuous improvement is fostered in the Government’s control processes; and
  • Significant legislative or regulatory issues impacting Government are recognized and addressed appropriately.

Further details of achievements and challenges will be provided in subsequent submissions.

Mr Msanyama

Mr. G. B Msanyama
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