Revenue Policy Division

The Revenue Policy Division was established in March 2006 with the responsibility of policy formulation and oversight as regards mobilization and management of Government revenue. Emanating from a Tax Policy Unit in the Economic Affairs Division, the division was formulated to expand its scope and emphasis from managing the mobilization of tax revenue to management of both tax and non-tax revenue due to the Government.


The mandate of the Division is set out in Article 8 subsection (g), of the Public Finance Management Act, which gives responsibility to the Secretary to the Treasury of collecting revenue owing to the State. Under this mandate, the Division is to analyze and formulate policies for the efficient and effective collection and management of Government revenue.

Main Objective
The main objective of the Division is to provide policy guidance through the designing of efficient and effective revenue systems that guarantee the generation of adequate public resources to meet Government’s expenditure obligations.

Specific Objectives

Organizational Structure of the Revenue Division
The Division is headed by a Director at P2 (Grade C) level in the Government salary structure. There are two posts of Deputy Directors under the Director, one responsible for tax policy and another in-charge of non-tax revenue policy oversight. The activities of the Division can be further subdivided into three broad categories, namely:-

1. Policy Review and Planning Functions
The major tasks that fall under this functional category are:

2. Operations, Monitoring and Evaluation Functions

The key tasks under this category are;

3. Legislative Oversight Functions

The tasks under this subcategory provide backstop legal services to the Division’s functions. The tasks are;