Chauncy Simwaka - Budget Director

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Mr C SimwakaChauncy Simwaka is an economist. He studied at the Universities of Malawi (Chancellor College), Bradford and Wales. He is the current Budget Director, a position he has held since October 2013. Prior to this position, Mr Simwaka was Director for Monitoring and Evaluation Division in the then Ministry of Economic Planning and Development, a position he held after moving from Ministry of Finance where he spent twelve years in the budget division rising through the ranks from a position of Senior Economist to Acting Budget Director.

As Director for Monitoring and Evaluation, he was the chairman of the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) a multi- sectoral and grouping agency that advises Government and other stakeholders on prevalence of hunger and food situation
in the country.

Chauncy Simwaka has consulted extensively on fiscal decentralisation and was a critical resource in the preparation of the current registrations and guidelines on Local Government and decentralisation. Mr Simwaka has led reforms in Government budget, from predominantly manual processes to automated processes and also from emphasis on inputs to activity and output based budgeting. He has published widely on budgeting, with emphasis on Malawi.

Mr Simwaka has represented the Secretary to the Treasury on a number of Boards, notably, University of Malawi and Public Private Partnership Commission.